MBBS in Abroad is a Dream for most of the Indian Students and Parents. Studying MBBS in India is little bit expensive and very less Medical Colleges and limited seats are available in India. With this reason most of the Indian Students changing their dreams and proceeding with other study Opportunities though they are not interested. For the Students who would like to choose medicine as Career MBBS in Abroad is a Great Opportunity.

But most of the Indian Students or parents don’t know about MBBS in Overseas. Although we have an Idea of Abroad Education most of us known about Masters Education in Abroad only. But the thing is we can also go to Abroad to Study Medicine. Most of the MCI Approved Universities are inviting Indian Students to Study MBBS in Abroad.

The main Drawback most of our Indian Students facing is the Medicine Entrance Exam. From 2016 onwards all of the Medical Colleges in India providing admissions based on the Students NEET Score. The Government Colleges are providing Admission Based on NEET-1 Score and Private Colleges are providing Admissions based on NEET-2 Score. As NEET is an All India Entrance Exam Indian Students find it difficult to get a Medical Seat in India. Hence Most of the Indian Students are now showing interest to Study MBBS in Abroad.

MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Overseas is a Great Option for the Students aspiring to become a Doctor. Present the Medical Universities in nearly 12 different countries are providing Admissions to the Indian Students in various Medical Courses. So don’t give up on being a Doctor just because of these small Obstacles. Choose your Dream Course in one of the Best Medical Colleges in Abroad.  

But when you decided to Study MBBS in Abroad, Choosing the Correct University and Correct Course is very important. There are so many MCI approved Universities are available in abroad with Low Cost. So to confirm you seat in Medical Colleges in Abroad and to avoid Confusions better consult an MBBS Abroad Consultants. And avoid an Agent as they are promoting wrong information and trying to make money. So go for the right consultant and get Admission in Top Medical Colleges in Abroad.

Best Countries to Study MBBS in Abroad

Getting Admission in Government Medical Colleges in India is very good, but it is very difficult. With increasing Competition for Medical Seats in India, most of the Indian Students prefer to Study MBBS in Abroad. The Top Medical Colleges in 12 different Countries are offering MBBS Admissions to Indian Students. Among all the Countries in Which the Indian Students showing interest to Study MBBS are

  1. Philippines
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Ukraine

In all the above Countries Medicine much cheaper compared to India, Even in US, it is cheaper compared to India. Here the Cost is not only a Prime factor, The Medical Colleges in abroad also offering Quality Education.

When you are going to Study Medicine in Abroad you can choose two types of courses available to the students depends on the duration. The two types of Medical courses offered by the Medical Colleges in Abroad are

  • 5 Years abroad & Internship in India.
  • 6 Years abroad with Mandatory Internship Abroad.

If you have chosen five year course you can save one year and 4-5 Lakhs Fee since you don’t need to pay University Fee for the 6th year. But 75% of the Medical Programs offered by the Medical Colleges in Abroad are of 6-year Duration.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Abroad

  • If you choose to Study MBBS Abroad you will get several Benefits that are mentioned below.
  • You will get the Admission Based on the 12th Standard PCB Marks. You don’t need to write Entrance Exam.
  • Guaranteed and Direct Admission System.
  • You will get Admission in MCI Approved Medical Colleges/Universities.
  • Low Tuition fee compared to India. There is no Donation/Capitation Fees.
  • In selected Medical Universities like MBBS in USA, Abroad Students can get Scholarships.
  • You can complete your medicine in Rs. 1.35 lacs to Rs.5.00 Lacs.
  • After Completion of MBBS, PG Courses are also available for the Students Studying MBBS in Abroad.
  • The Cost of living in most of the countries matches the Indian Cost.
  • Many of the countries have English as the Medium Instruction.
  • Education standards are high.
  • Most Experienced faculty in all Medical universities.
  • In almost all the foreign countries the Indian students are admitted into the MBBS course without any Entrance Test.
  • MCI screening test can be easily cleared.
  • Indian dishes and Asian food are available in many countries.
  • You can adapt the weather conditions easily.
  • Processing of VISA is so easy.
  • More Practical Knowledge.
  • World Class Infrastructure.
  • It is better to study MBBS in abroad than in the Indian Private colleges.
  • Morethan, 20,000 Indian students are studying MBBS in Abroad.

Note: After completion of MBBS in Abroad the Students should clear the FMCGE Exam / MCI Screening Test conducted by the NBE to settle as a Doctor in India.

Cost of MBBS in Abroad

Compare to India, The Cost of Medicine in Abroad is very less. Even in America, the MBBS Education Cost cheaper compared to India. You can complete the MBBS in Abroad as less than Rs. 9 Lakhs to Rs. 60 Lakhs. Depends on the Country and University you chose to complete the medicine you cost of studies will vary. Check out the below-mentioned countries and chose one of them.

Country University Cost of Education
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan State Municipal University 10-15 Lacs.
Russia Ryazan State Medical University 15-20 Lacs
Philippines Bicol Christian College 12 -18 Lacs
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk Medical University 20-30 Lacs
China Nanjing Medical University Around 15 Lacs

Check the above-mentioned cost of MBBS in Abroad and choose one country based on your Budget. Once you have completed your Medicine Course in Abroad you can return to the India by taking the MCI Screening Test. Qualifying in MCI test is Mandatory to be settled as a Doctor in India though you have completed Medicine in Overseas.

Study MBBS Abroad

As the huge number of students from in India are choosing to study MBBS abroad. Due to the competition and less number of vacancies getting an MBBS seat in India is a difficult thing. So, many students are planning for the Medicine abroad. Before you choose the Medical university abroad you must remember some of the important things which are below.

Medical Institute

Choosing the best Medical university abroad is the first thing you need to do. Check the list of medical colleges of the country which you prefer. Then, go through the profile of the each and every college and select the best one. Remember that, the Medical college must be recognized by the Medical Council of India. This recognition is mandatory to practice in India.

Education Cost & Cost of living

Second, you need to do is, estimate your budget and choose the country where you can afford. You need to consider the University fee Structure while you calculate Budget. The following are the parameters to estimate your budget.

  • Accommodation cost.
  • Traveling Expenses.
  • Food and living cost.
  • Total MBBS course fee.
  • Miscellaneous cost.

Climatic Conditions

Before you finalize the university and country you need to study the weather conditions throughout the year. As foreign countries are so cool you may face so health problems. So, it is so important to know about the temperatures.

Food Habits & Hostels

The food habits are not as same as in India. As the MBBS course duration is 5-6 years you must find out what kind of food is provided on the University campus. Know the availability of Indian food in the country you are going to stay.

Quality of Education

All medical colleges in foreign have a good quality of education at a low cost. You can do research on the college profile to know completely about Education System. So, get a clear idea about the teaching process and curriculum structure before you join.

Medium of Instruction

Many students from different countries are Studying MBBS abroad. So, to learn the new language is so difficult for the students. So, many of the foreign countries follow common medium of instruction i. e, English. It will be so easy for the students from various places to understand the subjects.

Eligibility Criteria to Do MBBS Abroad

Before you apply for the admissions in MMBS abroad you must check the eligibility criteria. In many of the Medical colleges in China, Russia, Philippines, and Ukraine, accept the students who completed 12th standard with 50% marks for general category and 40% for others. Coming to the Age, he/ she must attain 17 years of age.

Selection of Country To Study MBBS Abroad

  • Select the MBBS course as per our Budget.
  • A total number of Indians Students studying MBBS in that particular country.
  • About the languages and currency.
  • The culture of the society.
  • The population of the City.
  • Special facilities for students.

Once think of all the above points to choose the country for studying MBBS in abroad.

Selection of University To Study MBBS in Abroad

  • University Grade.
  • About the Faculty and their experience.
  • Library and books availability.
  • Coaching for MCI screening test.
  • Tuition fee.
  • Hostel facilities.
  • Indian students on that campus.

All above points to be remembered while you are selecting the MBBS University in Abroad.