If you are applying to any university in Newzealand, you need to meet certain requirements. And each University has its own requirements in Newzealand. So in proof of having all the requirements to get Admission in Newzealand Universities, you need to send some set of documents while applying to any University in Newzealand, which is called as the Checklist for Newzealand. Then the University will check your profile and will grant the offer letter if you have met all the requirements to pursue in their institution. If you have not met any requirements then your application will be rejected. So, you should take care about the documents you need to send to University.

Generally, to apply for any University in Newzealand you need to send the Supported documents to the University’s Graduate admission office. But the requirements may change from university to university. Here we have provided the complete Checklist for Newzealand to be sent while applying to the Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in any University in the Newzealand.

Checklist for Newzealand

Checklist for Newzealand – Documents to Support your Application

By checking the below provided Checklist for Newzealand, organize all your documents before applying for admission in any University in the Newzealand.

  1. Completely Filled Application Form.
  2. GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE Exam Score Xerox.
  3. Academic Certificates (SSC, Inter, Bachelor’s,etc.).
  4. Photo Copies of first and last pages of your passport.
  5. Job Experience Certificates (If available).
  6. Study Certificates.
  7. Passport Size Photographs.
  8. Birth Certificate.
  9. Any Other Documents (Extra Curricular Activities).

Application Form

The Application form is the entry which you need to fill carefully to get admission in your selected university. You can fill the application forms through online or offline depends on the availability of application forms. Some universities offer online application process, while some other universities offer paper application form at the university’s website.

Competitive Exam Scores

For any admission in Newzealand Universities, you need to take some entrance exams like GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS/SAT. Depends on the course you are applying you need to take the respective exam and need to send the xerox copies of the Scores on supporting the required entrance exam. For any undergraduate courses in Newzealand candidates should take SAT and for the postgraduate course, you need to take GRE Exam. But to pursue any business program in Newzealand Universities candidates should take GMAT Exam. For any of these courses along with the standardized tests, the candidates should also take the English language to tests to prove their efficiency in English. For any admission in Newzealand Universities, you need to take the English language tests along with the Standardized Tests to prove your efficiency in English.

Academic Certificates

Along with the application form, you need to send the academic certificates in support of your educational qualifications. If you have just completed your higher secondary studies and applying for the undergraduate studies you need to send the SSC and higher secondary certificate to the university. And, if you have completed bachelor’s or Master’s Degree then you need to send your degree certificate and the mark sheets. The AcademicCertificates include

  • 10th Grade Transcripts & Certificate.
  • 12th Grade Transcripts & Certificate.
  • Bachelor’s Transcripts & Degree (for Masters/PG Programs Only).
  • Master’s Transcripts & Degree (if available).
  • Diploma Transcripts & Certificate (if available).
  • Other Diplomas/Certificates (if available).

Experience Certificates

If you are applying for any Business Program you must have experience in the relevant field to get admission in any Business School in Newzealand. If you are applying for any undergraduate course you don’t need to have any experience. This Experience Certificate also helps in getting admission for any Graduation program at Newzealand Universities, It will push your application a little bit forward. The major documents in proof of work experience that include in Checklist for Newzealand are

  • Latest Joining Letter.
  • Latest Salary Slip.
  • Employment Certificates from all Previous Employers.
  • Experience letter.

After receiving your application the university will verify the student documents or profile and will send you the offer letter. If the Student does not meet any requirement of university or Genuinity of a student is doubted they will reject the application. Once you have received the offer letter you can apply for the Student Visa by submitting required Documents.